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English Uprising: Brexit and the Mainstreaming of the Far Right


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"Britain's decision to leave the EU reflected the biggest vote of no confidence in the political establishment in modern British history. Yet despite Brexit leading to shock and dismay across the globe, this backlash against the political elite had been decades in the making. But how did we get here?
Dr Paul Stocker examines how ideas of the far right – always a fringe movement in Britain – have become part of the cultural and political mainstream. He traces the rise of rar right movements and ideologies in the UK from the early twentieth century to the current day, examining historical attitudes and prejudices, revealing the UK is far from the tolerant, open-minded country so many of us want to believe in." (Shocking, we know.)

Paul Stocker. Melville House, 2017. Hardcover.

Product Code: 9781911545101


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