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The Tradition of Worker's Control


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A collection of Ostergaard's writing on various forms of worker control - Guild Socialism; British Syndicalism; Magerialism; Fabianism.  

"The new socialism adopted by the Fabian Society in the 1880s, and later by the Labour Party, is sharply different from both the Marxist and anti-state or anarchist versions of socialism, in that it is based on the use of the existing political structure. For a generation after 1918, socialists, both radical and moderate, could persuade themselves that the direction of the Labour Party, if not the pace, was correct. It is now apparent that the Labour Party is the harbinger of the 'managerial revolution', the peaceful emergence of a new ruling class of managers."  -- and that was in 1997!


Product Code: 0900384913

Author: OSTERGAARD, Geoffrey

ISBN: 0900384913

Publisher: Freedom Press

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