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The Red Army Faction: A Documentary History Vol 1


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The first in a two-volume series, this is by far the most in-depth political history of the Red Army Faction ever made available in English. Volume 1 presents all of the manifestos and communiqués issued by the RAF between 1970 and 1977, from Andreas Baaderʼs prison break, through the 1972 May Offensive and the 1975 hostage-taking in Stockholm, to the desperate, and tragic, events of the “German Autumn” of 1977. The RAFʼs three main manifestos—The Urban Guerilla Concept, Serve the People, and Black September—are included, as are important interviews with Spiegel and le Monde Diplomatique, and a number of communiqués and court statements explaining their actions. All events and documents are extensively researched and placed in historical context by the editors.


Product Code: THET19

Author: SMITH, J and MONCOURT, André

ISBN: 9781604860290

Publisher: PM Press & Kersplebedeb

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