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Friends of AK

In the last 12 months AK Press has published a number of new titles. We aim to continue this output of radical material along with reprints of existing work. Titles we have planned for 2013 include a collection of Kropotkin's writing to match our recent collected Prhoudhon tome; a collection of writing from the Anarchists Against the Wall group in Israel; and we're working on a history of militant anti-fascism, amont many other projects. However, not only are we financially constrained as to what (and how much) we can publish, we already have a huge backlog of excellent material we would like to publish sooner rather than later. If we had the money, we could easily publish thirty titles in the next 12 months...

Friends of AK Press is a way in which you can directly help us to try to realise many more such projects, much faster. Using a standing order, Friends pay a minimum of £15 per month (of course we have no objection to larger sums!). In return, as a friend you will receive one copy FREE of EVERY new AK Press title, usually in 3 or 4 parcels per year. You are also entitled to a 10% discount off EVERY order you make from us (when ordering, please indicate that you are a Friend.)

We also run a scheme where groups or individuals can sponsor a whole book. Please contact us at for more details.


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