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Manufacturing Consent


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 Because we just can't get enough of Uncle Noam! 

In an energetic fusion of images and ideas, Manufacturing Consent explores the political life and ideas of the controversial author, linguistic scholar, radical philosopher and activist, Noam Chomsky. Using new and original interviews, archive footage, playful graphics and outrageous illustrations, Manufacturing Consent provocatively and entertainingly highlights Chomsky's analysis of the media, focusing on democratic societies where populations are not disciplined by force but are subjected to more subtle forms of ideological control. 

Mark Achbar (The Corporation) and Peter Wintonick encourage viewers to question the films own workings, like Chomsky himself encourages listeners to extricate themselves from the web of deceit by undertaking a course of intellectual self-defence. 

* Interview with directors (2007)
* Interview with Chomsky (2007)
* Chomsky v Buckley (1969)
* Chomsky v Silber (1986)
* Chomsky v Dershowitz (2005)
* Necessary Illusions demo tape (1989)
* Companion book to the film (266pp-downloadable pdf)
* Fully uncompressed PCM stereo audio

Product Code: MANW28

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Publisher: BFI

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