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For Workers Power: The Selected Writings of Maurice Brinton


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At long last, the collected works of the principle writer, translator and thinker of the Solidarity Group, one of the most active and influential libertarian socialist organisations of the 1960's and early 1970's. Includes writing on topics ranging from the Paris Commune to Paris 1968, via Willheim Reich, the Portugese Revolution, the Irrational in Politics, The Belgian General Strike of 1960, the Bolsheviks and Workers' Control and of course, the work of Paul Cardan/Cornelius Castoridis. From the workplace, to the streets, to the bedroom, Brinton writes critically and honestly on the nuts and bolts of a free humanity, laying to rest the arguments against a genuinely libertarian socialism.

Edited by David Goodway.


Product Code: FORN2

Author: Brinton, Maurice

ISBN: 1904859070

Publisher: AK

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